Always Blue Christmas

This blog is 7 years old but still relevant. I manage to be a little less melancholy these days but it is still a time of reflection, nostalgia and unexplained grief. Missing what never was…?

Marigold Moon Herbals and Wellness

As the holiday season nears an old familiar feeling rises. Deep profound sadness flows in like the rising tide and I greet it like an old but annoying friend. I really don’t know why it happens but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way. It doesn’t come from my expectations being too high. I figured out keeping expectations low ensured minimal disappointment when I was just a young girl. Perhaps it rolls in because it is an annual event that can highlight the past  for review and comparison. What was, what should have been and what can be no more.  Nothing like nostalgia to bring on the depths of depression.

I don’t have a problem with this being a reflective time that spirals me down now that I know it’s coming.  The real issue is not raining on everyone else’s parade. I smile, politely decline cookie swaps and…

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