Pensive poet

I try to keep this page about wellness and nature, as promised in header, but also share a lot of my heart and soul. Personal topics subject to judgement never stops me from pushing the old publish button. Recently at book club, when we delved into nature poetry I mentioned I write poetry but hate reading it. I should clarify that I enjoy reading it now as long it is about a topic meaningful to me. When asked if I shared my poetry I was mortified at the thought. Now that is too personal! But why not? I am going to dip my poetic toes into the pond of prose. Here is a Marigold original that I personally felt did not suck too much. No worries, it will probably be a first and last. My poetry much like my art is too weird for public scrutiny.


Dirty feet and tangled hair

Smoke and sweat fill the air

Beating drums and singing breeze

Dancing beneath familiar trees

This is where I am my friend

When you ask where I’ve been

My far away eyes and distant stare

Mean gone right now but still right here

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