About Marigold

*A human in production; wondering, watching and working it all out. My observations on life are from the only perspective I know – mine. All done with a bit of humor and a lot of love.

We are all spiritual beings having a shared earth-bound experience in the vehicles we call our body.  It’s not easy maintaining the balance in mind, body and spirit that these vehicles require to keep running strong.  If you happened to get the feminine model this balance is even more challenging.  I blog for my own sanity but still hope to connect to others struggling to figure it all out, stay healthy and have a laugh along the way.

So far the blog is a few posts of my perspective of life and events.  Coming soon will be posts on wellness, alternative healing and aging disgracefully.  Positivity, humor and minimal snarkiness will be my goal.  Comment and keep me honest!

*Marigold/Murgatron is having growing pains and this blog is under construction!  Now Murgatron is Marigold Herbal and Wellness.  Please stand by while I transform, edit and procrastinate the actual writing of anything!

3 thoughts on “About Marigold

  1. Love the “Aging Disgracefully” term. I’ve also seen a blog named “Aging Gracefully My Ass.” Whether gracefully or disgracefully it happens to the best of us and we might as well love it and make the best of it. Also good to see others perspectives on the phenomenon..

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