About Marigold

Herbalist, vegan, and nature lover attempting to be a good human. All information presented comes from my own perspective. I make every effort to research and fact check but encourage you to question everything here and in life as well!

The wellness information I share is not meant to replace physician advice or medical care. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I blog to share herbal, nature and wellness information that I have learned or find interesting myself. Feedback is always welcome (keep me honest!)

All of us are spiritual beings having a shared earth-bound experience in the vehicles we call our body. It’s not easy maintaining the balance in mind, body and spirit that these human vehicles require to keep running strong. I blog to connect with others searching for balance and a relationship with nature. Let’s return to our roots while we age dis-gracefully together! Humor, love and acceptance included in all blogs!

Contact info: contact@marigoldmoonherbals.com

3 thoughts on “About Marigold

  1. Love the “Aging Disgracefully” term. I’ve also seen a blog named “Aging Gracefully My Ass.” Whether gracefully or disgracefully it happens to the best of us and we might as well love it and make the best of it. Also good to see others perspectives on the phenomenon..

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