If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then I’m going on a six-lane superhighway.

In my heart I am a truly good and altruistic person.  I have creative ideas to show appreciation to my friends and family while simultaneously making the world a better place to live.  Yet, each of my days is horribly like the last as if I am starring in my own personal Ground Hogs Day.  First comes the acute awareness that a new day is ahead as I drag my groggy pain riddled body out of  bed.  Always thinking “today is the day that I stay focused and motivated” I rise to the challenge.  Armed with coffee and a belly full of whole grains, antioxidants and lean proteins I begin the process of getting ready for the day filled with confidence that today I will be on time and a blaze of productiveness.  Sadly, the process of becoming a bit more humanoid and presentable to the world is a slow tedious affair leading to “late again”.

No worries, I am geared up and I will make up that time by staying focused.  I will complete all the lagging projects, be supportive and uplifting to my co-workers and come home on time to lift my spouses spirits, cook a gourmet dinner, contribute to charities and maybe even save a life on my drive home.  One hundred answered emails and fifty phone calls later I settle in to tackle the old work pile.  Ugh, how can I focus when I am so hungry?  Two o’clock, how on earth can it be so late.  I revive myself with the daily veg soup so full of turmeric and curry that I should live forever and settle back down for some serious working.

About an hour in, it’s there again – so hungry!  I pull out the green tea that’s so good for me and head to the cafeteria for “a little something to go with my tea”.  I eat my candy bar and skip the tea – green tea and chocolate never mix.  More emails, more phone calls a few more minutes of work and bam it’s 8 o’clock.  Home late for a thrown together dinner and truly the best two hours of the day spent with my better half.  As I drift off I’m pretty sure I heard my brain thinking “tomorrow will be the day”.

This nightmare continues until the weekend which is prime time for “good intentions”.  All the things that didn’t happen Monday through Friday are going to get done in those two magical days.  The shower gift for the girl at work will be purchased (pretty sure she had that baby a couple of months ago now), birthday cards will be obtained (but not sent), I will play my guitar, send letters to my congressman, write, organize my photography, visit my daughters and grandchildren and oh, go to church (stop laughing, it could happen).  I might even save a life.  (Please let it be my own).

But tomorrow is always just there ahead of me and I’m pretty sure it’s “going to be the day”!

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