Versatile Blogging Award

A fellow blogger of mine,Pam B Newberry! , recently nominated me for the:  Versatile Blogging Award

THANK YOU,Pam B Newberry! I am deeply honored by your nomination!  It means a lot coming from a seasoned writer and all around great gal!

Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogging Award:

  1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share ten random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate ten more bloggers who are fairly new to blogging.

Here are ten random facts about me!

  1. I am studying to become a Master Herbalist.
  2. I have been a nurse for 24 years.
  3. Murr is my nickname (my husband also calls me Marigold)
  4. I have a wonderful rescue dog named Benny (he rescued us)
  5. I love sneaking out late at night to look at the moon, especially when it’s full.
  6. I am a vegetarian and make delicious animal-free food.
  7. I am super easy-going, unless you get me started up over the environment, or animal & human rights.  Crazy activist lady then emerges.
  8. I fancy myself a radical urban gardener – no space too small to grow something!
  9. I love turtles and dingoes (not necessarily in that order)
  10. Wellness is my passion and my life.

The talented and versatile bloggers I nominate are:

Fellow Workers Farm Apothecary  – An insightful and witty blog about health and life whose byline is “Eat some kale and go outside.”  Always written with humor but definitely offers wise observations.

soulgatherings – A blog that offers beautiful photos and inspirational quotes daily, Theresa has lifted my spirits on many occasions with her postings.  Her byline is “spiritual moments in the human experience”.

Sweet Spot Truthteller – No words are adequate to describe Erica’s deep insight and sharing.  She shares her journey with cancer but also so much more.  Words of wisdom straight from the heart and soul.  She is a Truth Teller in all senses.

MOMWHEARINGLOSS – Johanne writes with love and humor.  Her blog is the epitome of versatile with links to everything fun and wonderful.  I just love this blog!

Notes From The Underground – Edgy, interesting and done with wit and humor.  I like his style.

Sustaining Community – A smart man, father and humanitarian who cares about “Families, Community and the Environment”.  A guy after my own heart.

Never Fry Chicken When Your Naked – Ms Jackie is sassy, clever and a real straight talker.  A southern gal that makes me laugh.  Bet you get more than one nomination!

It’s Me, Amy K Hall – Amy has “a little blog of betterment” and it is!  Helpful little life tips, her favorite reads and, may I just say, she is adorbs!

helpfuljolly – A blog on elusive positivity with musings and a great gallery of photos.  The authors insights on daily life are real and relatable.  I feel a kindred spirit!

Blue Car Painted Green – Suzi is a crafty gal and shares her creativity with style and charm.  I don’t consider myself crafty but she makes me wish I did.  Even though I’m not “crafty” I enjoy her blog and post because they are versatile and cover life experiences.  As her byline says “One Woman’s Adventures in Upcycling (in the craftroom and in life)”.

There’s my ten nominations and I can’t honestly say how “new” they all are to blogging but they are some of my faves. Please leave a comment after you take a minute or two to visit the listed blogs. I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

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