Saving the World

I am slowly gaining the awareness that I have been put on a list of people who want to save the world.  I think I may be third from the top #1- Bono #2 – Sting #3 – Murgatron.  What the list makers have neglected to notice is that #3 does not have the resources of one and two.  Daily I am deluged with email, calls, posts and pleas.  Save the wolves, polar bears, children, forests, and microbes.  Stop fracking, GMO foods, strip mining, drilling and injustice.  Apparently I am the only hope and must send money, sign petitions and “act urgently”.  At the end of the day this all leaves me with a sense of anxiety and overwhelming feelings of hopelessness.  It is also causing some serious mistrust of humans in general.

The volumes of mail have to be dealt with and decisions have to be made.  As I insert the letter with a bleeding wolf picture into the shredder I apologize to brother wolf but the starving polar bear trumped his plea for help.  It is only the beginning of the guilt ridden process of eliminating the mountain of mail on my kitchen table.  I wonder if Bono and Sting have piles of mail on their table?  Something tells me no but I do like the image of either one in their jammies with a cup of coffee trying to sort through the envelopes scattered all about.  Email is somewhat easier to cope with as the delete button doesn’t hold the same horribleness as the shredder.

I would love to be able to send help to everyone.  Yes, I really do mean everyone.  Every single cause that is trying to help the environment, the oppressed and abused.  Of course the sort of groups I wouldn’t support, NRA I’m looking at you, already seem aware of my stance and don’t ask for my help.  I’m not on that list.  I just don’t have the financial resources or physical energy to do help all those I do deem worthy.  I believe I am blogging away on the whole situation just to see if I can’t come up with a solution.  Never get the mail has some inherent problems.  Stay away from the computer is a concept that throws me into the DT’s.  Accept that I can help a little and that’s good enough.  Well that last one sounds doable but doesn’t erase the growing awareness that the world is full of serious problems.

I’m going to write to Bono and Sting for advice.  I may need to become more talented or attend super hero classes but you have to try.  When you are on The List efforts must be made and planets must be saved.

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