From 56 to 60 Without Getting Whiplash.

Birthdays are wonderful reminders that somehow against all odds you survived another 365 or so days.  As the Murg enters the later half of the fifties a lot of cosmic activity has thoughts and pondering on full blast.  To ramp up the excitement of my upcoming birth-versary I have endured more family deaths, lay offs at work, a couple of health scares and general uneasiness.  As I am practically the family elder now (at flippin’ 56!), I realize we are not a family blessed with longevity.  It all made me stop and think “what am I doing with what’s left?”

I plow through the days working for a company that would let me go when only moments from retirement without even blinking an eye.  I try to save the world (check previous blog) and generally try to appease years of Catholic driven guilt by helping everyone I can and working like a drone.  I figure I should slide into 60 before I even know what hit me and not even remember what those four years looked like.  Time for a new plan, time to wake up, and time for priorities that have meaning.

Where does one begin on such a journey?  I gave up that whole “who am I” thing years ago – I’m me, don’t be silly.  Do I start meditating, going on long quests seeking contemplation of life?  No, I’m still me so I’ll make a bloody list because that’s what I do.

1.  Check out early retirement and make a plan.  Aka, don’t die at your desk.

2.  Stop feeling sick.  Eat your veggies, walk, do yoga and drink more water.  You know it works.

3.  Tend to a hobby at least once a week.  You know you have about 10 going, maybe pick one and focus.

4.  Spend time with positive people you enjoy.  You really aren’t going to save all the rest and they are killing you slowly.

5.  Take time to be in the moment.  Your life is full of joy and richness but you need to take time to acknowledge it.

A list of five things.  So do-able, right?  A little less obsessiveness and little more observation of the here and now.  I may just slide into 60 with a smile on my face and a gratitude for four amazing years that began with an attitude adjustment and a small plan!

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