Once Upon A Time Is So Yesterday

The Word Press daily prompt for inspiration is “once upon a time” and oddly I have a draft from over a year ago that starts just that way.  It has remained a draft because it is incredibly boring and depressing.  Once upon a time boring and depressing was my life.  No more.  I worried, kept quiet, accepted whatever came along.  No more.

The best part of “once upon a time” is that it is over.  Today I speak up.  Today I do things I love and let go of things I have no control over.  Today is my happy ever after ending (or beginning).  It took a long time and a lot of soul-searching to get to this place.  A lifetime of bad choices, life changing events, and raising three other women that came out well in spite of me.  I found confidence in my forties, came into my own in my fifties and hope to put all this self-awareness into action in my sixties.  Some of us are late bloomers but autumn is a lovely time to enjoy blossoms.

This post is short and sweet and dedicated to women who haven’t found their voice or felt like they just won’t be heard.  It’s never too late to start and the first person that needs to hear that voice is you.  Listen to your heart, speak your mind and if the world doesn’t hear you speak up and keep trying.  You are amazing and have a lot to share.  “Once upon a time” was all about yesterday, let’s do “Today….”



2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time Is So Yesterday

  1. “The first person that needs to hear that voice is you.” Well I couldn’t agree more! I’m coming into my own in a new way in my 40s. I find myself more interested than I used to be in learning from people with more life experience than me. I’m also feeling more drawn toward mentoring those who are younger. There’s so much to learn from and teach each other. Keep speaking your voice!

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