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I have been attempting participation in Word Press Blogging 101 and was intrigued by one of the assignments.  The challenge was to look over comments I had left on other blogs to inspire a post of my own and to mention and link the other blog.  Fortunately, I had just read a great blog and left comments so I am ready!

As an aspiring herbalist, I follow a lot of plant related sites and blogs.  Yesterday I read a post on fellow workers farm apothecary called Work! It! Out! and it really hit on a topic dear to my heart, movement for overall wellness.  Not crazed trend-of-the-hour fitness mania, but everyday movement for strength and life.  It is a passion we share in common (along with herbs).  We have been sold a bad concept that one must belong to a gym to be fit.  I am saddened when I hear co-workers say they can’t get in shape because gym membership is too expensive or they don’t have time to go workout.  I am bewildered when I see cars in the gym parking lot trolling for a close spot to the door so they can go in and walk on the treadmill.  I am full of compassion for those that are too embarrassed by their current condition to workout in front of others.  It can be so much more simple and therefore enduring.  Better to move a little more everyday than a lot all in one big week-long fitness binge that abruptly stops when life gets in the way.

The blog also brought a new twist to the concept of why we want to be strong and fit.  Not to fit into a bikini or someone else’s idea of what looks attractive but to maintain enough strength to help others.  Fitness as a civic duty is definitely a great concept.  We must be able to care for ourselves at the bare minimum, and if we can muster up the energy to provide some assistance to another, then kudos.  The blogger presents this with great humor and insight, and I actually felt the proverbial light bulb in my head come on as I embraced the idea!

So here are my personal thoughts on movement:

Murr’s Movement Plan:

  1. Be five again.  Run just because, dance when the mood hits and get down on the floor to play.
  2. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air, walk around the neighborhood and meet some people.
  3. While you are walking around the neighborhood remember step 1.  You are five, roads and boundaries don’t exist – explore!
  4. Walk on a beam, wall, imaginary line for balance.  Pretend you are a gymnast in the Olympics.
  5. Set a timer to go off every hour if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, then get up and wiggle, jump, stretch.
  6. Do a bit of yoga wherever you are, encourage others to join in or just do it in the privacy of your office.
  7. Listen to music whenever possible because unless you are a stone, you will move.
  8. Get a cheap pedometer and challenge yourself to increase your daily steps, each day breaking your own record.
  9. Fidget, toe tap, wiggle about.  I won’t tell your Mum.
  10. Skip, you will be surprised how much fun this still is!
  11. Climb something.
  12. Again, be five, because that is just how it works.  Long ago someone said “sit still” and we listened.  We shouldn’t have.

If you want a lot of great resources and sites click on the links for Work! It! Out!  as she has done an amazing job compiling good resources and also encouraged sharing and feedback.

5 thoughts on “Get Moving

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the follow! I am very much in tune with your posts and I have come to pretty much the same conclusion as you have about movement and walking in particular…altho i still go to the gym! Hope being 5 works for you..I think it’s essential – and would love to do ‘parkour’ (free-running)…ooo… you might want to check this post ( for a great parkour video!

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