D*mn Potholes

The road to wellness is full of pot holes. My journey starts with careful attention to details and a well mapped out plan of action.  I am no stranger to this road so I have already built in plenty of flexibility and kept my expectations under the speed limit.  I have my motto of “move more, eat less” at the ready for a handy plan “C” and I feel confident that I can follow all the advice I so readily give to others.

A daily walk, some yoga and strength training seem “do-able” in the small spans of time I have allotted.  I can stay hydrated, come on, how hard can that be?  My diet is already healthy,but perhaps more abundant than necessary, so only a small tweak needed there.  With all these things in my favor I head off to Wellness World with jaunty confidence.

But I’m so tired and it’s really cold out.  I will skip the walk but do an extra 15 minutes of yoga instead.  But I’m so tired.  Fifteen minutes of corpse pose still counts as yoga, right?  I haven’t really decided which two days of the week I will do my strength training so they are wiggling about, but they don’t ever seem to be today.  That’s okay, I’m pretty sure I’m getting a good work out carrying bottles of water back and forth from work.  They stay unopened and full so they are pretty heavy.  But I’m so tired.  Maybe it’s just dehydration but if I drink that water there goes my strength training.  Did I mention it is so cold out?  I hear eating keeps you warm and I’m testing it out.

Oddly, I am not feeling the wellness.  I wonder what happened when I had everything so sorted?  Damn potholes.  My new course of action is called “swerve”.  Tired Pothole,  “swerve” around it and remember I always feel less tired after a walk.  Cold Pothole, “swerve”, go around that baby with a hoody and wool socks.  Unopened water, “double swerve” pour it into the tea kettle for a cup of herbal tea and miss both the Cold and the Dehydrated Pothole.  If I toss in a cinnamon stick I may even be able to swerve around the Comfort Food Pothole.  No need to give up the trip or turn the car around when a few adjustments can be made.

The most important pothole to swerve around is the Big Old Guilt Pothole.  It’s really more of a sinkhole, due to its enormous ability to swallow your efforts entirely.  It’s not all or nothing, but tiny changes over time that keep you on the path to wellness.  I am much healthier, happier and more grounded than I was a decade ago.  Forgiveness is a great pothole patch.  Shovel it in and drive right over that pothole and before you know it you are moving right along without any damage.  Wellness is all about tiny choices made everyday that accumulate over time.  Maybe this is less like a road trip and more like a lifetime behind the wheel.

I am already feeling less tired and strength training is definitely Thursday and Sunday.  Pardon me while I stop writing and lift some dumbbells, “swerve”!





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