The Little Deaths In Life

I never re blog but this article was so beautiful and really helped in the place I am today. May it help another …

Contemporary Shaman

nielsen_eastofthesun13The shamanic path is sprinkled with what is referred to as ‘Little Deaths’. In traditional shamanism this would come by taking a plant medicine like Ayauasca named “ The Little Death”. This is due to going through an initiated rebirth of sorts where you transform, transcend and release.

However even without the plant medicine we face little deaths of sorts all throughout our lives.

Losing people we love through death, grieving for a broken relationship, seeing your child grow up and move away, losing ones home through natural disaster…. Just to name a few.

We also can experience ‘Little Deaths’ each time we confront and move through a great learning experience. Wounds tend to rise to the surface to be healed when we least expect it. Overcome by the loss we may have felt as a child that reapers when we are triggered by something similar in the present day…

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