Always Blue Christmas

As the holiday season nears an old familiar feeling rises. Deep profound sadness flows in like the rising tide and I greet it like an old but annoying friend. I really don’t know why it happens but I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way. It doesn’t come from my expectations being too high. … More Always Blue Christmas

Be Your Own Baby

I looked forward to the “empty nest” with a fervor that made me question the very existence of my basic mothering instincts.  Where was the angst, the wringing of hands, the worrying that I would never see my fledglings again?  Somehow I was fairly certain they would still be about and had no worries that I … More Be Your Own Baby

Saving the World

I am slowly gaining the awareness that I have been put on a list of people who want to save the world.  I think I may be third from the top #1- Bono #2 – Sting #3 – Murgatron.  What the list makers have neglected to notice is that #3 does not have the resources of … More Saving the World